About Ina

My photography journey started with street photography almost 10 years ago – still learning photography basics and fumbling with camera controls I loved to go for a walk with my Nikon taking photos of people passing by, observing light and shadow interplay, waiting for the right moment to press the shutter button and feeling all happy when I managed to get the THE shot.

Those times taught me a lot and defined my photography style – years after I value the same things – life captured the way it is, raw emotions and authentic moments with natural light being my best friend helping to create a beautiful visual narrative.

Family, children and baby photography sessions are always my favourite, as this is when your can see the magic happen; you can see love and affection, care and deep connection between people. Every time I am behind my camera I am striving to capture the beauty of those simple moments that don’t last forever and I am happy to give my clients something that helps them keep those memories for many years to come.

I live in Melbourne’s Bayside with my family – my beloved husband and two sons who have always been my greatest supporters and my biggest inspiration in life.